Pirkei Avot Song Assignment – Jewish Studies

Hello, internet. Today I am posting a project I was assigned. The summary of this project is I have to connect 5 verses of Pirkei Avot to 5 different songs

Madagascar Eco-system

Hello, I’m Ben. This is a Madagascar ecosystem in cospaces. This is an ar reality of Madagascar. Watch. Here is slide to`

My winter break 2020/2021

Our teacher Mr. W assigned us to write two paragraphs with three literary devices and an image. After he told us to post this to our blog. Here it is

Self Containing biosphere

For a science project, we were tasked with making a biosphere. This is a mason jar with soil, activated charcoal, abiotic elements, and biotic elements. Here’s my recipe and my

OJCS set the scene

The OJCS set the scene project was an assignment we got in about late September – early October. The assignment was we had to write 2 to 3 paragraphs about

Exhilarating Reading Project

For our book project, we had to 1. read a book and 2 make an artifact proving that we read the book. I chose to read Tom Clancys: Without Remorse

Genius Hour

Hello, I am Benjamin Carroll. For my genius hour, I will be making a vending machine.  Here are the videos I will be basing my project on Sources Basic design

Two Stories from my winter break. PS If you haven’t seen season 8 of how I met your mother then sorry

Day One   On Wednesday, December 18, 2019, I flew to one of Canada’s maritime provinces called  Nova Scotia. The capital city of NS and the only city in NS

My Familia Origins/Story

  This is a slideshow about my family origin. kinda like wolverine origins but more entertaining and less sewed Deadpool mouth.

i made a story for language arts and this is it. this story is made for fun don’t judge

Semi – Prologue/Summary of the situation. The year was 2108, the empire of the tictokers have decided if MURICA didn’t give them all the pinkity drinkity and Fortnite memes then

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